Monday, August 20, 2012


Life is short. With only a countable number of years in hand, I really got to thinking what can be so worthy of my life? What should I do that should finally make sense to me when I reach my deathbed? The answers that came to my mind were initially only absurd for let's admit it, we are not conditioned to think that deeply and even if we do after much aversion, we are supposed to quickly replace such thoughts by less complicated stuff.
But trust me, if you once spend time thinking and acting upon these questions, nothing ever seems complicated again. Life starts presenting itself in the most light-hearted and simplified manner which you can nothing but enjoy and cherish.
The answers that I got from myself in the end are no insightful philosophies either, they are rather beautiful and easy.
If I spend my life doing something that I do not just loathe and detest but also constantly whine about then what's the sense of chasing after it with false hopes and lost sense of self-respect!!! Self-respect is like one's attire, the more you pay attention to it and are comfortable in it, the more confident you appear to others. So not only does it mean that I have to stop those activities that diminish my self-respect but it also means that I have to do those things that boast and nourish it.
Also there's no denial that money is an undeniable fuel to live in this capitalist world. But does money necessarily have to come from a job you can never enjoy even minutely? Hard work and dedication are necessary for any profession but how can you work hard for something you fail to believe in!!! Simply put, monetize what you like, what you are adept at and what you can make efforts for. Constant persistence and sincere amount of discipline and devotion shall only yield you the best results :)
Last but not the least, never forget the importance of love in your life. We are human beings after all. Love is as important, if not more, as oxygen to us. No point dragging a life if you can't give, receive and appreciate love. In fact if you got love, half of the battle is won.
My latest set of realizations is going to make a huge difference to the way I shall conduct my life, my blog and my profession here on. I shall be what I am!!!
I love food, fashion, decor, books, movies, love, moral virtues, eloquence, anthropology and spirituality and this is exactly what my blog shall be about from now on. All these, after all, are nothing but the different colors of life that make up the life palettes :)


  1. Words are hard to put together and even harder to make sense out of them. But you did it. :)


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