Monday, December 19, 2016


One of the most interesting things about travel is meeting new people and listening to their thoughts. Getting exposure to others' perspectives opens up your own mind and makes you more accepting, besides ofcourse giving you some fresh ideas.

On one of my recent travels, I met an interesting man, a trainer on Finance from a leading MNC. As he shared his experiences as a trainer, he also described his life's philosophy that he follows in all the activities he does on a day-to-day basis- SIMPLIFY!

We often tend to be intimidated by anything that even remotely seems complicated. Whether it's a new job or a regular task, we often like to think of it as a long, complicated process and this thought itself repels us from the task at hand. 

Simplification, as a small little step, can make us much more comfortable with our life and its activities in general. When we approach anything at hand with an intention to simplify it, we end up enjoying it. Because, we all enjoy simplicity, we crave simplicity, we want simplicity. Simple is beautiful. Simple is logical. Simple is easy to understand. Simple is easy to do. It's simple! Really ;) 

More than the tasks, we need to simplify our emotions, relationships and our ambitions. It never has to be complicated. It only gets complicated when we overthink, when we decide to pursue multiple options instead of working wholeheartedly on one, when we lie about what we truly feel and want, and when we try to please others instead of our own selves first. Things never have to be grey. I like it black and white. Keep these two colours separate. It's your choice if you want to mix them up and go grey.

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