Monday, April 30, 2012


Entering this world is fascinating, living it is a lesson. The early years seem wondrous with so many different and vivid colours, people, objects, sounds or as a matter of fact, everything around us, captivates our new born vulnerable minds and we feel tempted to touch everything with our senses for the world is as new and irresistible to us as adulthood is to childhood. But little do we realize that our growing acquaintance with our vicinity slowly distances us from ourselves. Not that we never made any efforts to demystify our minds but somehow those were always interrupted by feelings of failure on reaching some seemingly incomprehensible dead ends. Too caught up with the outer world, our search for ourselves could never make it to our priority list and we continue to smile, frown, weep and laugh through our days. The simplicity of these emotions is of course less guilt provoking and nevertheless easier to explain to others than the secretly anticipated search within. But then again for how long can we run from ourselves. Sooner or later we are met by that questioning moment which can no longer be put aside. It refuses to rest and demands an answer far from superficial. Our search away becomes our search towards ourselves.
                 Now lets not be so unreasonably excited, it’s no simple treasure hunt after all. And why not put our carefulness aside too and put on some observing caps. Its our search, our journey and the destination will be ours too. Then why be all melodramatically alert, lets give in to ourselves and trust me the first thing we are automatically going to do, surprisingly without any external instruction, is that we’ll challenge ourselves. Yes we’ll challenge ourselves, that’s not just the first step of the search but also the most rewarding single step for going through a self imposed challenge makes us face ourselves more closely than ever. It makes our soul naked for us to accept, embrace and befriend.  If you’ve already challenged yourself, CONGRATULATIONS!!!, you know yourself a little more already.
                The most unbelievable part of this step is that the challenges that we impose on ourselves are more difficult than what life or other people would make us go through.   We make ourselves go through the toughest because nobody else knows our fears and nobody else wants to know why we fear what we fear. And okay here’s a little secret, i might be breaking some universal law by giving it away but ha! who cares about the universe and its so called laws when we have something more important and complex such as ourselves to deal with. The secret is that our biggest fear is us, we fear ourselves, we fear knowing what we might be capable of, we fear knowing how intelligent we might be considering we’ve been called dumb half our lives or vice versa, we fear knowing what we could’ve done if we would’ve known ourselves a little earlier. Now that you know the secret, stop shying away from yourselves. Come out from your body fit closet and step into the infinite you.

PS: before you ask me what the next step of the search is, try the first. The conclusion of it bestows upon you enough wisdom to know the second and so on ;)