Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Life they say is no fairy tale but i tend to disagree for just like the setup and situational traversal of life which goes through its fair share of highs and lows, there is no fairy tale which doesn't put the prince or the princess through hell of a time before presenting them with the perfect "Happily Ever After" ending. So cursing life and accusing it of injustice, bias and deception might not make a very justified picture itself after all. In that case what does it really take to find one's own happy ending, or more importantly, does the walk on so called thorns ever lead to a garden of roses? These are the questions that can have both one answer as well as many. The choice lies entirely with us on what to believe and rejoice.
While destination is what may be primarily bugging our minds, for once let's grace the walk itself with some of our attention. For many the walk is a painful experience being borne either for the sake of a supposedly beautiful bright and happy destination or merely for sustenance. While the former still makes a good enough reason, the latter is a picture of meaninglessness which is far worse than any pain. But if destination fails to generate any interest, what could possibly make the walk worth it??? Well the answer, if you believe me, is the "WALK" itself. Relishing it, devouring it's various flavors as if trying a new dish, humoring it's overrated drama, experiencing the various people it introduces us to, welcoming the failures with bravery, celebrating the victories like never before and striving for the wants of heart till the very last; all this and much more is what we might miss if we continue to walk with our heads down, refusing to face the life which shall reveal its colors only when we look it in its eyes. 
And so while the destination is important and shall always be, let's be receptive to the walk as well!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


As soon as my vacations started, I got a bus pass made for the CTU (CHANDIGARH TRANSPORT UNDERTAKING) buses, knowing that i would have to commute to my training class everyday and with the petrol prices skyrocketing at the speed of light, it is almost unthinkable for me to use my scooter for the purpose. Skeptical though i was since these buses are crowded with people of all sorts and with the summer season at its peak, one can smell of nothing but sweat. But with no other option in mind, i decided to give it a go. After all it was just a matter of 6 weeks, i thought. During the first few days i acted completely indifferent, lost in my own small and big thoughts, least concerned about the people around in the bus, a complete snob. Even if i did look at anybody around, a disgusted look was all i gave; i feel funny now that i think of that time in my mind.
A few days passed and that disgusted look got replaced by curiosity, intrigue and wonder. I felt amazed at the diversity i witnessed during every trip through the bus. I had never imagined that so many types of faces, emotions, personalities, languages and professions existed. I observed mothers holding on tight to their children, young men with their eyes fixed on their ambitions, oldies sitting with the calm of their experience, little kiddos enjoying the ride, eve-teasers making their silly schemes, young women aimed at making a mark in their lives and so much more. With each observation, my wonder increased. I realize now that there will always be a lot that i wont know and there will always be a lot that i can observe, explore, research about  and know. This world is too big and this life is too short. And no matter how much we would like to take pride in the comforts of our homes, offices and cars, a little trip out of our so called comfort zones would not only give us the much needed reality check but will also add more life to our lives.
Coming back to these buses, a conductor and a driver is what each bus is operated by. They are very interesting (and sometimes funny)  i must say. On my various trips i have met quite a decent number of both of them and am always entertained by the way they interact and coordinate with the travelers and with each other. And today i came across the conductor who besides having inspired this blog post, has also made it to  my list of heroes!!!
I have never met a person so energetic, helpful, truly devoted to his duty and immensely inspirational. During those 15 minutes of the journey, he taught me a lifelong worth of a lesson and etched a special place in my memory and that too without any direct interaction. At every stop he would shout out the destination to the people standing at the stop and would also go a step further by telling them about the destination of the bus that would come next to that stop. Moreover he maintained a light atmosphere inside the bus by cracking out jokes loudly so that everybody could embrace humor and grace themselves with some laughter and smiles. He would enquire from every traveler about his/her final destination and would suggest the sequence in which he/she should take the buses through the various stops and every now and then he would also help out the oldies and the women by finding them seats. He would make the most of every moment and would go out of his way to ensure that all the travelers were comfortable and doubt free. No wonder there was a smile on every face. He had rightfully earned each and every one of it. 
When one of the regular travelers approached him to buy the ticket, he asked him if he would come tomorrow as well. The traveler replied that nobody is sure of tomorrow. At that our heroic conductor proclaimed confidently that not only was he sure of tomorrow but he was also hopeful that he would have a long life full of happiness. That statement didn't reflect over confidence rather a foresight full of wisdom. It is this hope and wisdom that has made him live each moment to its fullest and do his duty with enviable yet heart warming conviction. He is a hero to me and to all others who have ever been in his aura of liveliness.