Tuesday, May 8, 2012


        Its sugar sweet, all accepting, soul dwelling, heart pleasing and enviably kind yet now they say, "It's good to be bad". Gone are the days when people were more than willing to wear their goody-goody selves on their sleeves, when the kind, helpful, simple and the idealistic ones were idolized as role models by many. Now there's a slight change in this trend. Somehow the 'bitches' and the 'bastards' seem to have taken over the throne long occupied by the 'angels'. The good ones sadly are no more in vogue.
        What caused this drift is hard to say for human preferences change pattern like a traveler, unsure of his destination. But then again just like that traveler, the preferences too shall explore every arena before finally settling in a zone that provides the mind with the desired peace and comfort. It's a journey of discoveries and revelations. The good and the bad, in their own little many ways, attempt to show a person, his/her self, more closely than before. This might make the difference between them seem of little importance but it's too early to make the final call. The judgement day still stands far enough.
       For now let's just say that constant and abiding is what we are not. Anything stable for too long fails to keep our attentions intact. The same old disciplined daily routine at home and workplace is what gave birth to carefree and adventurous vacations. The slowly floating carts is what led to the making of speedy cars. It's quite interesting how everything paves the way for it's own opposite. Quite naturally then, this is how the good invented the bad. Somewhere the selflessness and the soft tone of goodness got so overwhelmingly carried on for too long that the selfish bad had to come out and show itself more explicitly and the ones most impressionable were quick enough to welcome it right away.
       This new entry on the block got well promoted for it's ambassadors left no stone unturned in projecting rashness as a spontaneous expression of real emotions, self-centered attitude as a quick ladder to unmatched heights of success and blabbermouth-ing as an honest display of strongly felt for opinions. The sweet got too sweet to devour and the spice added itself in a fashion that got both glares and followers. The goodness was good enough to agree to take the back seat. Maybe somewhere down, it wanted to witness it's counterpart inverse from a distance and introspect.
       While the bad is reaching out and charming so many, the self is feeling confused. Adopting the new hasn't completely done away with the old. The kind and the gentle old goodness still ceases to lose it's hold. It, mistakenly or maybe even intently, springs out now and then. It's very much there, right at the core, silently waiting for some new trend to break out which won't be entirely good or bad, rather, a more justified hybrid. Till then, secretly or however, be good to yourself.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Like a calm old man is the night sky with its brilliant many stars, all gleaming, silently sharing the wisdom of the time they’ve looked upon. They’ve been watching this world for ages, intently through the nights and under the wrap of light through the days. They’ve seen battles fought and lives lost all for the name of power, love, justice, money, hunger or equality. They’ve heard the roar of laughter and the cry of pain through the years as humanity slowly went on ignoring its purpose of love and entered the realm of destruction and heartlessness.              
 Its sad how we spend our precious few years fighting against the world and ourselves, trying to make others work on our commands when we ourselves fail to listen to our own heart which keeps yearning for love and acceptance till the very end.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We have always had a tendency to measure our lives in terms of success and happiness or failure and sadness. For us, our lives will always be in one of these domains, the latter one being the negative scale of our measure. This has somewhere made us stereotype everything in our life from our emotions, our reactions, the way we think and our behavior to even ourselves.  Its like following a user’s manual of some electronic device, if in this situation press this, if in that situation press that, if you have a break up cry for 10 days and distance yourself from everyone, if you just got promoted feel happy and celebrate and if you just got fired feel sad and lock yourself up in your room. We follow this manual with all our heart and sincerity, never even once letting it down, finding ourselves stuck in a cycle of the same order of thoughts, actions, reactions and results. But am sure from our school times, we’ve all seen the coolest of the people being those who break the rules and breaking this one particular rule is definitely going to be a big boost to your cool quotient.
                Now am obviously not telling you to start laughing the moment your girlfriend breaks up with you because that won't make you look cool, only dumb. But what am suggesting here is that be surprising, surprise yourself with a different reaction to a situation for it’s not always good to fulfil others’ expectations or even your own. Instead of starting to beg to her to come back to you with your eyes displaying shock and desperation, you could just give a gentle nod letting your shock not show itself right away and walk out on her with dignity. Leave a trail of mystery behind you. Don’t let others or even yourself predict you. Being innovative with your thoughts, reactions and actions will not only yield new and different results but will also free you from this predicament of a cycle and will lead you on to a path which shall surprise you every now and then.
                    In the beginning it might seem a difficult exercise for even our reactions have become our habits and it’s always hard to break away from them but with time and practice, it’ll become natural and you’ll unconsciously start surprising yourself and others. Its beauty will start radiating through your being and your innovative self will find new and promising dimensions. So be a little quirky and make it different every time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Contained in dreams and thoughts of our own make, trying to decipher the goings and ongoings on the canvas of our minds, a sudden alarm breaks out shaking us gently to wake up. Deluded by the dream world, one of the many homes of our being, we feel confused to the need of leaving our dreams unsorted and  shifting our attention to a new world. Slowly the unconscious worries of the coming day become alive and we wake up. Still immersed in the mysteries of the world we left behind, the world around engages our senses gradually and we start sipping in the sweet sunlight drawing its way through the room’s shades. The sparkle of it clears our minds of the alien thoughts and lets the hope creep in, the hope for a new day, a better time, more love, less pain.
          This might seem surprising yet so familiar for we have been going through this almost every morning as long as we’ve been alive. The beginning of each day demands from us to make this strange transition. It expects us to leave a state as it is and enter a new one with renewed hope and spirit. It wants us to move on from where we are, hoping to meet something better where we’ll be. The new world, in the end, might turn out better or worse for all we care.
           Consider this scenario more carefully and it shows a stark resemblance to a transition we sometimes fear yet some other times anticipate and many a times feel nervous or excited about, more or less. Its a change which drives us to a new something. Its a door opening up to a new path, treading on which is our instinct. Its a NEW BEGINNING.
            New beginnings are never quick and easy to make. They are a stranger with no promise, yet still so attractive in prospect, creating an allure of hope, holding the end for the end. We can embrace them and unveil their power but in return we need to fulfil their one condition, that is, we need to give up what we’re holding on to for only then can we accept and live the new. Its a wonderful change infusing in us new thoughts and aspirations. Only we have to let the previous go and make space for new light to outbreak.