Tuesday, May 8, 2012


        Its sugar sweet, all accepting, soul dwelling, heart pleasing and enviably kind yet now they say, "It's good to be bad". Gone are the days when people were more than willing to wear their goody-goody selves on their sleeves, when the kind, helpful, simple and the idealistic ones were idolized as role models by many. Now there's a slight change in this trend. Somehow the 'bitches' and the 'bastards' seem to have taken over the throne long occupied by the 'angels'. The good ones sadly are no more in vogue.
        What caused this drift is hard to say for human preferences change pattern like a traveler, unsure of his destination. But then again just like that traveler, the preferences too shall explore every arena before finally settling in a zone that provides the mind with the desired peace and comfort. It's a journey of discoveries and revelations. The good and the bad, in their own little many ways, attempt to show a person, his/her self, more closely than before. This might make the difference between them seem of little importance but it's too early to make the final call. The judgement day still stands far enough.
       For now let's just say that constant and abiding is what we are not. Anything stable for too long fails to keep our attentions intact. The same old disciplined daily routine at home and workplace is what gave birth to carefree and adventurous vacations. The slowly floating carts is what led to the making of speedy cars. It's quite interesting how everything paves the way for it's own opposite. Quite naturally then, this is how the good invented the bad. Somewhere the selflessness and the soft tone of goodness got so overwhelmingly carried on for too long that the selfish bad had to come out and show itself more explicitly and the ones most impressionable were quick enough to welcome it right away.
       This new entry on the block got well promoted for it's ambassadors left no stone unturned in projecting rashness as a spontaneous expression of real emotions, self-centered attitude as a quick ladder to unmatched heights of success and blabbermouth-ing as an honest display of strongly felt for opinions. The sweet got too sweet to devour and the spice added itself in a fashion that got both glares and followers. The goodness was good enough to agree to take the back seat. Maybe somewhere down, it wanted to witness it's counterpart inverse from a distance and introspect.
       While the bad is reaching out and charming so many, the self is feeling confused. Adopting the new hasn't completely done away with the old. The kind and the gentle old goodness still ceases to lose it's hold. It, mistakenly or maybe even intently, springs out now and then. It's very much there, right at the core, silently waiting for some new trend to break out which won't be entirely good or bad, rather, a more justified hybrid. Till then, secretly or however, be good to yourself.


  1. I like the first paragraph the most.. But nicely put into words. Nice innovative articles. :))

  2. Another beautiful article.really liked the way u hv mentioned that goodness was good enough to take the back seat n watch the newer emotions to unfold n live it's course.Keep writing n let your emotions unfold...:)

  3. thanks. Through these articles my emotions are unfolding to me. i never knew earlier that i had all these thoughts in me.

  4. That is how it's been for many many generations... we're good, then that gets old, boring! Us good girl's go bad... then all of a sudden we come to a fork in the road.. which one to take? Left or right? I like to think that I'm somehow on the right track now... but I still make mistakes.. and no doubt that we will all continue to make mistakes, just hopefully we will learn from every one. Thanks for posting! Sorry this is so long! :)

    1. its perfectly fine :) n yeah somewhere we do keep making mistakes but what matters is we make them just once n learn from them... the cycle of good n bad will continue forever

  5. Nice thought and ably put into words...u r a wizard with words!

    1. thankyou so much :) It feels wonderful sharing my thoughts with people such as yourself.

  6. u r a dictionary.
    mr. khuswant singh needs to read this.... beautiful!!!
    let me be truthful ,i had to read each sentence twice! mote wrds...!

  7. I agree with ur frnd Abhishek here.But I think Navjot Singh Sidhu would be a good match for u.Both of u aamne-samne.

    1. nooooooooooooo i dont really like him. if he would be in front of me, i wouldnt utter a even a single word out of disgust

    2. Hahahhaaa......I like him when he talks nonstop.he is a fountain of words,words coming out from everywhere.actually you are right...he doesn't give anybody a chance to utter a word.

    3. no,pls maam dont compare her with mr. sidhu! lets keep it up 2 mr. khushwant singh!
      it seems few yrs latr she gonna be some1z role model 4 sure...
      i stand in the queue..

  8. What an interesting deep life thought of the day! You're absolutely right. What happened and why is 'bad' the new thing? Maybe it's because 'being bad' implies making mistakes and building experiences? Or maybe 'being bad' is perceived differently in various eyes - could be wanting to have a 'rebel' reputation?

    In the end, yes - - be good to yourself as well as others (secretly or publicly).

    Love your philosophies but love you even more! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Cathy Trails

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  11. Well put Savvy. So long are the days of being good and being happy with being good.
    '...the bitches and the bastards have taken over the throne..'
    Love this and so true!


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