Sunday, September 9, 2012


After having entered this amazing world of blogs where one comes across such wonderful thoughts, ideas and expressions of art and humanity now and then, I have started to realize how much I feel relaxed and rejuvenated every time I read such nice and inspiring posts by so many talented and striving people around the world.
While going through a sweet post on Cathy Trails, I came across 4 simple goals before 2013, something that almost immediately excited me up and made me make this post and share it with you all.
Now let's admit it, we all have our fair share of weaknesses and there's always something about us that bugs us continuously, something that we wish to change for our own betterment but are either too lazy and unorganized or are just tied up by our habits which we feel incapable to break away from.
I, for example, have quite a list of things that I would love to do, that I know will nurture my life with the much needed creativity, life and personality but simply out of sheer laziness, I convince myself to postpone these on and on.
Reading 4 simple goals before 2013, I have simply found a way through which I can incorporate those little good habits and achieve the better life that the achievement of these little goals will bring about.
The rules as advised by the blogger of the post are simple:
    Firstly the goals have to be simple.
    Secondly they have to be activity oriented and not result oriented which normally our tendency remains while setting up goals. You see, incorporating healthy habits and activities sub consciously brings about better results while simultaneously making those activities a natural part of our daily life.
    Thirdly post about your goals on your blog and also make a post when you successfully achieve each one of them.
    Last but my favourite, reward yourself nicely when you achieve each one of them and the best part is you get to choose the rewards!!! I will definitely be treating myself to a new pair of stilletos and a lovely ice cream cake once I achieve mine ;)
Okay so here are my goals!!!
A little about my goals.
Write everyday: I am a writer at heart. I love expressing my thoughts and opinions through my words. I have recently started writing professionally and have been receiving good reviews as well. But sadly my problem is time management which am extremely inefficient at. However I recently read About Managing Time and found it pretty handy. So am going to use the amazing time management skills suggested by the blogger and hopefully I'll keep up with my good writing job!!!(I am planning on writing a journal but that certainly won't happen until I rightly achieve this little goal)
Read atleast one good article or a few pages of a good novel: Reading has been my dearest hobby right from my birth. Reading magazines, newspapers, novels, online portals, blog posts and stuff really relaxes and rejuvenates me in the most amazing manner but sadly everyday drama makes me succumb to crying and complaining rather than resorting to reading which is my ultimate antidote. So this one is definitely up my list!!!
Practice Android application development: I've been a computer science student for almost two and a half years now and the only thing that has truly excited me up is application development. But then again like everything else, it requires some hard work, devotion and practice.
Work out for atleast half an hour every day: Okay so every time I see my flab, I almost go into depression. If I do not start exercising regularly asap, nothing can save me.

So well these are my goals.
Go ahead guys. Make your own list and work on it. Trust me you'll enter 2013 as a better brighter yourself if you achieve just 4 simple goals!!!

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