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Angels and DemonsAngels and Demons by Dan Brown

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Angels And Demons is a thriller to the core with its author Dan Brown having provided with a mystery which causes an exciting adrenaline rush making it next to impossible to put the book down. With a deathly yet interestingly mesmerizing encounter between science and religion, which are believed to be opposite poles of a magnet, in a dreadful fashion, the reader can only wonder what shall be the fate of the world which is nothing but a helpless witness to another war.
But what shall the war between science and religion yield? A deepened faith in a higher power or an absolute and resonant victory of scientific potency? The answer to this question is answered rather surprisingly through the character of a scientist named Leonardo Vetra working at the biggest research facility in the world, CERN.
One deadly murder that stirs unrest not only among the modern scientific community but also instigates a series of assassinations around the city of God itself, the Vatican, is what makes up the plot of this highly exciting book that adroitly intertwines historical facts and legends with modern day interpretations of God, faith and science.
Caught up amid this chaos is the protagonist 'Robert Langdon', a Harvard symbologist, who intrigues the readers with his ordinary self being bestowed upon by more than fair share of good luck. Mr. Langdon not only displays his impeccable and impressing knowledge of ancient history and symbols but also presents some extraordinary heroic stunts with his love interest Vittoria, a genius scientist and a sultry Italian beauty. Together these two set out to save the lives at stake.
The characters have been intelligently woven by Mr. Dan Brown who makes sure his characters surprise the readers with their secrets and knowledge shrouded by their ordinary exteriors.
One of the many surprises is how the overly evil and brutal antagonist proves to be nothing more than a cleverly thought of tool in a more deadlier plan carried out by an entirely unexpected personality for a villain.
Mr. Dan Brown has surely succeeded in producing a bestseller thriller that is plentiful with twists and turns and is sure to provide its readers with the desired thrill and satisfaction.
The book has been adapted by a movie of the same title starring none other than Tom Hanks!!! Watch the trailer and catch up with the movie as soon as you're done reading the book :)

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  1. I havent read the book but I have watched the movie.. I think the book is better becoz it is complete :)
    Thanks for sharing Savvy


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